Food Fit Philly



Healthy Vending Machines

In January 2011, the City of Philadelphia adopted healthy vending standards to create a workplace environment where healthier choices are more easily available and accessible. Currently, the standards affect almost 400 machines on City property.

The beverage machines offer more water and non-caloric drinks that are placed at eye level. Portion sizes of the sugary drinks are smaller and calorie information must be displayed prominently for all beverages.

Healthier snacks are lower in calories, sodium, and fat; are easily in view at eye level; and are designated by special labels. 

Quotes from satisfied City employees:

“Thanks for the healthy snacks and water; they are a life saver
if I happen to skip meals.”

“Having suffered a major heart attack at my desk earlier this
year (and at too young an age), I very much appreciate the
new selections.”

“When I get hungry (especially if I'm here working overtime
and I'm watching what I eat), I appreciate having healthy
snack options in vending machines.”


University Of Pennsylvania Health Systems Gets Healthy At Work

Over the past two years, University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) participated in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia’s Employer Wellness Program as part of the Department of Public Health’s Get Healthy Philly initiative.

UPHS has made health in the workplace one of its top priorities. It has successfully implemented several initiatives aimed at improving the health of their employees.

In July 2011, UPHS adopted a vending policy which required that at least 30% of the foods offered in vending machines meet healthy criteria. Stickers were placed in the machines to identify the healthy options.

UPHS also offered financial incentives to all employees who completed a Personal Health Assessment ($130), which was distributed in $5 increments per two-week pay period. 

To further promote a healthy culture in the workplace, in December 2011, UPHS launched a branded website that focuses only on health and wellness tools, benefits and programming for employees.  Other than healthy eating, UPHS has implemented policies and practices that encourage employees to quit smoking.