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HYPE (Healthy You. Positive Energy.) is a youth campaign designed to engage students in wellness goals. HYPE encourages middle and high school students to form Youth Wellness Councils and involve their peers in making healthy changes in their schools and communities.  These changes include:

  • Reducing access to unhealthy foods
  • Increasing awareness of and access to healthy foods and beverages
  • Increasing physical activity

Participating students gain leadership experience as they:

  • plan and implement activities that promote healthy eating and physical activity
  • work with adults in their school to coordinate those activities
  • reach out to their peers to encourage them to get involved

HYPE is a collaboration between the Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools and The Food Trust  that promotes healthy eating and active living in the school environment.  To date, 100 public schools in the School District of Philadelphia have established HYPE Youth Wellness Councils.

How is HYPE changing schools?

Youth-led wellness initiatives have taken many forms, including:

  • healthy morning announcements
  • poster contests
  • promoting non-food rewards in the classroom
  • healthy fundraisers
  • walking clubs
  • healthy taste tests
  • school-wide “movement breaks”
  • after school fitness clubs

How can I start a Youth Council?

Staff, students and parents can all play a part in starting a HYPE Youth Council:

Staff: Talk to your school’s principal about forming a Youth Wellness Council. 

Students: Talk to your teacher or other staff person about your interest in forming a Youth Wellness Council at your school.

Parents: Parents can often be the strongest voices for school change.  If you would like to help your child’s school join the Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools, please contact your school’s principal

Parents can also support their child's efforts to:

  • eat a well-balanced breakfast
  • get to school on time
  • get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day
  • avoid unhealthy food at the corner store

Youth Leadership Guide
This step-by-step guide includes suggestions for youth advisors who want to set up a Youth Council
at their school.  It includes a variety of activities and topics to help you get started. 


Find out more

To learn more about how you can be part of HYPE, contact:

Rodney Robbins

(215) 685-5678



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