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Get Healthy Philly has teamed up with The Food Trust to work
with corner stores in Philadelphia to improve access to healthy

Every corner store in the Philadelphia Healthy Corner Store
Network has introduced at least four new healthy options, such
as fresh produce and low-fat dairy and whole grain products.

In fact, many stores have significantly exceeded requirements,
introducing an average of 46 new healthy products. Point-of-sale
data from two pilot stores showed that produce sales increased
by more than 60% following installation of kiosks that made fruits
and vegetables the focal point of the store.

Healthy corner stores also help customers make healthy choices
with colorful signs that provide easy-to-use nutrition information.

Certified Healthy Corner Stores are making even more changes to their inventory, pricing, and promotion to support healthy eating.  As of September 2014, 23 stores have been certified.   

Click on the video above to see Philadelphia's healthy corner stores in action.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a healthy corner store in my neighborhood? 

Look for the Philadelphia Healthy Corner Store Network decal in the window of your corner store for healthy-eating options.   

Search our map for healthy corner stores near you.


Can I use ACCESS card/food stamps to purchase healthy foods?

Yes!  ACCESS cards/food stamps and WIC benefits are accepted at over 350 healthy corner stores.


How can I support my neighborhood healthy corner store?

  • Look for the healthy corner store decal.
  • Buy the healthy foods the store stocks, such as apples, yogurt and brown rice.
  • Let your family and friends know about the healthy options.
  • Tell the store owner that you appreciate the new options. A store owner is more likely to adopt healthy changes if they believe that there is a strong demand for the products.

Can I turn my corner store into a healthy corner store?

Yes!  If you are a corner store owner who wants to make your store healthier, we can help.

Marketing materials for your store are available at no cost.  You can also get started by downloading the Sell Healthy Guide below.

Sell Healthy Guide
Guia Vendo Sano (Sell Healthy Guide in Spanish)

Contact Brianna Almaguer Sandoval at The Food Trust at or 215-575-0444 ext.130 for more information.

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